Hong Kong Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park is a world-class theme park integrating land and sea animals, amusement rides and large-scale performances. It is also the most popular and most visited theme park in the world. Ocean Park is located in the south of Hong Kong Island, covering an area of ​​more than 915,000 square meters. It is surrounded by mountains and seas and has a vast environment. It has created world-class ocean theme park facilities and a brand-new water park developed and launched in recent years. It is known as “The Best in the World” Ocean Park, one of the theme parks. The park is divided into Summit Park and Seaside Park. These two theme parks have different characteristics. Here you can see many kinds of animals, and you can also enjoy many exciting motorized facilities, such as the Ice Polar World in Summit Park, the Dream Water City in Seaside Park, and the 360-degree rotation and 4G speed sprint. Dynamic Express, etc. It can be said that the ocean theme and the land park complement each other. These animal-themed parks not only bring you a visual enjoyment experience, but also promote the important development of animal conservation, thereby promoting and encouraging you to respect nature.